Amma Copying is wromg

by MeeraMayaa


Amma/ Shubangi – Mother

Maya – Daughter

Kannamma – Cat

Akka meaning : Elder sister


Kannamma, don’t run. Maya akka loves you and wants to have a, glass of milk with you! Within few minutes they both had their milk and started playing.

The little cat Kannamma and Maya were playing, Maya said, Kannamma don’t copy, Amma doesn’t like copying!

Shubhangi, is watching all these with her Coffee made an hour back, only to have it cold!

Though she is with Maya and Kannamma in the same room, she was drifting to the movie, being played by the teachers yesterday.

That movie being played, for the tenth time. She could hear those words, those words which were sounding like a thunder hitting the Roof.

And only to shrink within, like few years back, she contracted her abdomen for Maya to be born.

Shubhangi suddenly got jolted with the pain she went through years back. That pain, when she was left alone on the road, with the little one as the only companion.

The pain of growing up, in an orphanage.

That pain of being pried, being a Single mother.

Today all the thoughts were creating a maze.

She somehow managed to thread herself, to the present moment only to replay, what the teachers said.

Parent Teachers meeting for the Class 5.

Maya was sitting in the last row, with her report card reading,”FAILED,” in Red, waiting for Amma to come.

And Shubhangi, came huffing and puffing skipping the Client call, with the permission granted by her Manager at last. Entering the class, she shared a smile in a lightning speed, crisscrossing the crowd till the last bench, where Maya was seated.

And there wasn’t even a Hello, from the Teachers.

The Teachers sounded like a bunch of Income tax officers, who have decided to raid everything.

“Madam your daughter is only interested in Dancing, singing and sports activities.

Never listens or understands any concept being taught in the class.

And she can’t even sit in her place for more than, 5 minutes.

Even when a chance was given to COPY in the exam, she didn’t!”

And for the later words, Shubangi smiled.

Joining the battalion was one more teacher only to sprinkle Oil to the burning fire. Atlast, the battalion chose to march to the next territory, leaving Shubhangi and Maya stranded on the Molten lava, after that Volcanic eruption.

Maya was watching all these, and Shubhangi, could see her little butterfly getting into a Cocoon.

Shubhangi hugged Maya and said, Maya, Amma is proud of you darling!

Andwith a smile Maya said,

Amma Copying is wrong!

With Tears rolling down, Shubhangi thought, sometimes there is no happy choice, only one less grievous than the other.

Now, she sipped her coffee and played along with Maya and Kannamma.


20 years later,

A grand mother walked into a Tutorial to admit her grandson who failed in all the exams. Maya smiled and admitted the boy, and said,

Thank you Ma’am, for admitting your grandson, in your student’s tutorial!


This is a dedication to all the Parents, who are always worried about the Marks.Instilling Values and Confidence in a Child, will take them beyond the marks !

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