Am still the Workaholic Dinosaur

by MeeraMayaa

“Stop telling stories”

“Freak, I thought you might be relaxing”

“What do you keep doing the whole day”

“Now that you have taken a break, you might be sleeping and watching tv”

These were the kind of Questions, I heard when I quit from my 15 years of corporate job
I felt sometimes, that the ceiling is falling on my head

Many a times, my response was just a smile and move away from that place also from those people.

Financial independence is not only in the four walls given by the employer, it’s in our mind how we create that independence for our own self.
It’s not in those office parties, it’s also at home, when we can create a window to celebrate one, on our successful business closures.

For me it was a conscious choice to quit, I had a great role and organisation brand tagged to, but it was my decision to be with my Princess which I missed when she was a tiny bundle, I did miss the first Amma she called, that first walk and several of those first moments.

In some stories, I have been missed.
Today I am creating a battalion through stories. It wouldn’t have been possible but for you.

Yes it’s this virtual world, the writing community connects, NLP and Recruitments, which is giving me business, sitting at home.
It was one of the like minds who gave me a Freelance Consultant role as a Trainer with a Publishing house, and tagging me to the “financial independence” label.

Balance is not only in balancing the job, it’s our mind.
If the mind says, I can work and maintain a happiness in family. Yes, it is possible.

But what about some who has been regretting about the choice of working,
I would pause about my thoughts here.
my hugs to them.

what about few, who has this preconditioning mind set, that we cannot be productive if we aren’t tagged to a corporate brand.

Financial independence is not about wearing that handbag, hiding the tears with the mascaara, coating the lips with sweet colours inspite of bitterness burning there and hiding the mind and heart deep inside along with our passion, hidden there years back.

It’s about how we create an opportunity for our own self.
Be it in the corporate or from home.

Freelancing or consultant role is not about a lavish lifestyle or sit at home and do anything and everything.

Personally it has taught me
– Time management
– To draw a line between Home and “work at home”
– 9.00 am schedule still holds good
– Google calendar is synced even now
– Cooking, Writing, Playing, Coaching and Stories gives me happiness everyday
– Keep going, keep moving, Keep working
– Also the list is endless

My thoughts to all the vibrant women here,
Never cocoon yourself with the myths thrown on you, in the name of labelling and preconditioning.

– It’s you who will determine your financial independence,
– It’s you who will decide, which job suits you
– It’s you who will decide, if you want to join back the corporate or continue doing what you do
– Never allow your role to be decided by the few in the name of well wishers, who actually are good enough to push you in the well.

Also let’s break this myth and #stereotype that,
Women can’t be the same Workaholic Dinosaur after a career break or when she is working from home.


Article for the #womensweb

An initiative by #Womensweb, to share #BustAMyth stories to break the stereotype about women who take a career break, in association with Accenture India.

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