I ran to the edge, and found a story

by MeeraMayaa

I feel like running away

Also I have felt like jumping from the building,

I wonder what is this motherhood all about.

Yes these were the thoughts, when I couldn’t pace with my little one. Because my learning was, children listen like I did.

I still remember as a child or a college girl, I loved playing or being surrounded by the children. In that phase I have seen them only as a laughing bundle of pop corn.

Motherhood is something we aren’t taught as a subject in our theory classes. So it’s only through the experience, I started building my own model of enjoying this phase.

I have always heard for generations and may be that is also a reason for this preconditioning that, it’s a struggle and challenge begetting a child. Though through experience, I have started enjoying and realising the meaning of parenting or mothering a child is all about being mindful than just running behind and burning our calories in screaming.

Mindfulness is in my mind but am a human being too with all the emotions in my mind. Can’t I freak out once in a while, will I not slip my line of control, when the tantrums are in a full swing, inspite of setting my mind to me to be peaceful and I slip my path. And feel am on the edge waiting to jump-off and escape.

It’s in the edge, I learn about my self, that my path starts from the edge, every edge has a story about my patience and my good days when I was at my best and resourceful state. This anchoring to my past of the resourceful state brings me back to the current moment, the same moment with an acceptance in my mind to accept the situation in its own way, and embrace the tantrum thrown.

More than facing the situation, what hurts is, my behaviour in that situation of falling down.

Slowly did I learn the art that, compassion coupled with mindfulness (NLP techniques), helps me withstand every cornered situation.

I learnt that

– Children will imitate what we do, like when they cry (tantrum one), I started crying like my daughter. She was puzzled and felt it’s better to stop crying than listening to her crying mother.

– When we raise our hand or increase our speaking volume, they too will. It’s important for us to sober down and relaese the emotions slowly in a mindful way

– All mothers, it’s important to pick a “Me time,”

– To me it’s writing and blogging.

I would ask you to allocate a time for self, because nothing in the surrounding changes but a “me time,” helps us to perceive every situation in a simple mindful way.

As am writing to you, I wish to reiterate that even now nothing around has changed even a microbe size, but only one thing that can help me deal with all is I allocating time to vent out my thoughts, work out a way to channelize my energy in a resourceful direction.

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