Sunday went to Tuesday. But Newton is on Pineapple

by MeeraMayaa
Dear SoulScribers,
I have been wondering what I should be writing after seating Newton on a Pineapple plant.
I didn’t bother to remove him nor did he bother to vanish from my mind with a Pineapple as the base.. 
Believe me it’s piercing hard that the thorns have grown into trees of gravities now.

I am not bad, I might be just 4% mad to be bad honestly.

No wonder Physics Baba never cared to bless me. Let alone that. If I can do this at the age when platinums have started dating each other on my head to create uncontrollable outputs with a mini forest of platinum offsprings( Now I have stopped naming them, and threatened them that if they date in this speed I will have to burgundy and red them with tea coated hena roasted on Ferrous rich Thava on Fire), then you can wonder what I would have done when mane was as rich as coal.

Don’t imagine much, I am the same product.
The same minion who threatened her 1st standard Teachers in Airforce School that she would write the exam the next day. So much of drama I created that today I am seeing the sun moon and stars in the script designed by my minion. What goes around comes. No wonder you might see me giving Gyaaaaaan sessions to myself.
Here it is
I have reached this part of the letter and am still wondering what I should be writing?
This is what happens when I am in the Kitchen or on the playground. Because of my size (Beautiful minds, my height please) and weight, I don’t go to parks or playgrounds. More than my daughter you will find “Yours truly” on slides/ sea-saws or in the swings. 
Owing to the Platinum treasure, I just show my 32 (I guess so) including the wise ones which grew recently and slide away from the park without getting dirty in the hands of this generation.
If you want to know about the Kitchen story, I have 2 mini stools to climb over and settle in the kitchen shelf for sometime. I don’t do this so that the masaal boxes and Sambhaar and Rasam powder can breathe in peace.
Did I miss something that I wanted to share with you all?
Oh, Yes!
I went for a movie on Sunday, “RRR” The Story, The Fire, The Water, directed by our Bahubali maker. I didn’t know that for 3 hours I was glued to the seat. What do I share about this movie?
Well, it’s good and definitely worth the time, maybe because of the fact that it is continuously continuous in motion and you can see the HeRoes flying from one end of the screen to the other end. I loved this song Naattu Naattu..
And, I was busy scheduling events and posts while watching this movie.
I was thinking, is it a madness that I am unable to separate myself from the thoughts of writing or sharing a story.
I think it’s my love for words and something within the DNA is taking a form now and I love thinking about my work and maximising my energy with the time I spend on these activities.
And, last week I was a bit sick and was on steaming, medicines and sleeping throughout the day, hence couldn’t share loads of things.
But the sparrow sized brain of mine says, let’s fly high as an Eagle and look at things in its angle from a higher altitude separating us from the daily transactions and choose what we want to do and pick one at a time!
With that here’s a link to my recent Podcast Interview with Tirthankar Ghosh
Copy of Free Canva Templates by Ladystrategist (5).pngCopy of Free Canva Templates by Ladystrategist (4).png
Also, here’s one more thing.
Maybe you wish to have a website or have been thinking about having one for yourself.
ArtoonsInn Geeks Room is coming up with an offer which is available till 30th of March 2022. 
My own website is hosted at ArtoonsInn Geeks Room and am working with them on adding more features. 
Do you wish to explore and know more? Here’s a G-form 
( In the meantime, 16 members from our community are signing up at ArtoonsInn Geeks Room under their best offer till date to grab a writer website of your own.)
Next week Newton will be shifted to another location
My Thanks to the couple of you who messaged and reached out to me checking on how I am doing.

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