चप्पल की दुकान आगे है। A Hindi play

by MeeraMayaa

चप्पल की दुकान आगे है।

A drama, a theatre program I attended on the 31st Jan 2020 @ Atta Galatta Koramangala

A story about Yaasi, Yaasa, Maa, Paapa and ….

Enacted by
Ratnakar Baggi
Kamal Kabuliwala
Savi Sareen
Ankit Tripathi
Shivesh Ranjan,
Suresh Sharma
(No order or preference, all get the equal attention)

All were the lead characters here.

Ask me how?

  • We were the audience and we occupied the entire hall (an open hall) and the, “Pathradhaar,” the Enacters, not only used the length and the breadth of the stage, they made us travel along with them through the characters of the story.
    When one narrates, our eyes were treated with the acting by the others and this format of interchanging of the roles, went between the artist’s and each one, were in synch with each other.
    Without a prop, they made us visualize the property,
    Without a change in the costume and with a gripping narration they made us look at them like a child, a mother and father (the roles they played, I would say, all had played).

Be it the elder daughter Yaasi or the younger one Yaasa,
Or searching for that, “cycle,”
Or Yaasi, Yaasa asking their Ma,
“मैं क्या करू,” in that innocent voice,

Or that postman still trying to figure out how to deliver the letter to that address, No! To that person, because of the constantly changing base.

In the end
“अपरिचित,” meets the “परिचित,”
singing in chorus

“चप्पल की दुकान आगे है।”

This story is an adaptation from the book,
“यासी यासा त”
written by,
Vinod Kumar Shukla ji.

It’s been ages I watched such an act,
last time it was in my Doordarshan days.
A format of acting or showcasing an act which involves,

  • Minimal or no usage of a property
  • Equal distribution of the role among the artist’s
  • Same artist plays the role of another character, not only easily, but also transporting us to that role seamlessly.

On the whole, I wish to see more such …

Best wishes to the team..

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